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  1. Welcoming in 2015 at Miss Bohemia

    I would like to give thanks to my friends, followers and customers for your support in making 2014 such a special year!  I would also like to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2015 and look forward to the year ahead!

    Clothing collection at Miss Bohemia

    Reflection on 2014 highlights include establishing my clothing collection which covers literary classics, romance, nature and more!  The transition has been a lot of hard work but definitely worth it!  I've shared some of the designs that were most popular and also a few of my favourites above.

    Fabric based accessories at Miss Bohemia
    The clothing collection was teamed up with fabric based accessories which included tote bags, rucksacks and scarves. In addition to literary designs, there's cute kittens, adorable pugs and other designs too!

     Customers by Country for 2014

    A look at the stats for my Etsy shop over 2014 shows the top 10 Countries where my customers are located.  This is very similar to the stats for my website except the top two Countries are reversed.  It's amazing to know that Miss Bohemia is doing well both in the UK and internationally thanks to my lovely customers.  This is much more than I had hoped for when Miss Bohemia was just an idea :-)

    Craft tutorials featured in Make & Craft Magazine
    I've also had tutorials featured in Make and Craft Magazine over the year.  This was both exciting and a great way to keep me creative while working behind the scenes and Miss Bohemia!  Tutorials included Christmas keepsake boxes, Alice 'Drink Me' Pendants and candle carvings! This fab magazine has lots of crafty tutorials, news and features!
    Jane Austen giveaway goodie bag
    Miss Bohemia Giveaways
    If you have been following my blog or Facebook page, you'll know of the giveaways I have hosted over the year and there's lots more to come in 2015!  
    Plans for 2015
    Many new and exciting things planned for Miss Bohemia for 2015, some of which I will be sharing in the next blog post! Lots of new designs to come including more clothing and accessories and personalised jewellery! For this blog I will also be featuring more giveaways!
    If you can't wait, here's a sneak peek at one of my new Jane Austen mugs, which will form part of a new floral theme collection.  I'm currently offering 10% off this mug and everything else at Miss Bohemia!
    How was 2014 for you? Did you have a good year and what are you hoping 2015 has in store for you :-)
    Keep in touch
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    Thank you for stopping by!
     I hope 2015 brings you an abundance of good health and happiness!
    * May all your dreams come true *
    Until next time...
    Jen ♥
    Miss Bohemia
  2. Jane Austen Regency Calendar Giveaway & Festive Freebies At Miss Bohemia

    I did promise you some festive fun during December so I hope you have been following my Facebook page for updates and enjoying the giveaways and freebies :-)  I thought I would add an update to my blog so you can see some of the latest activities taking place at Miss Bohemia on Facebook!


    Jane Austen 2015 Regency Calendar

    I have a new Jane Austen 2015 Regency Calendar which features Regency designs and quotes from Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and letters from Jane Austen. The calendar has a glossy finish on the front and back and comes complete with a hanging hook and wire binding.  

    Creating the calendar was a labour of love with the difficult task of narrowing down quotes and then choosing pictures, editing and deciding what to put on the front cover.  I must give thanks to my sister Milly, and to Sophie of Laughing with Lizzie for their support, brilliant suggestions and advice.  

    The front cover features a vintage inspired cover complete with Austen's silhouette and handwritten styled text from Pride and Prejudice!  The pictures below show several of the months within the calendar along with their accompanying quotes.
    *Sophie also found the perfect Christmas quote for December! 

    If you would like to win one of these lovely calendars, stop by my Facebook page to enter my giveaway here - you'll need to be quick as it ends today at 5.00pm GMT (Sunday 21st December)!

    I have also created some printable Christmas gift Tags! There's a choice of Christmas themes and Jane Austen inspired ones too!  The tags are my gift to you and can be downloaded, printed and shared :-)
    christmas tags copy 1
    jane austen christmas gift tags 1a copy 
    I'm currently offering 10% off everything at Miss Bohemia and this includes my new Calendar of which there is limited stock.
    * Make sure you're following my Facebook page and are signed up to my newsletter, as I will be hosting more giveaways throughout December and have a little more festive fun planned for this month too!

    As always - thanks for stopping by! 

    Until next time....

    Jen - Miss bohemia
  3. Christmas Update From Miss Bohemia & Giveaway Information

    Greetings from me in the land of Miss Bohemia!  With Christmas on it's way I'm hosting a festive giveaway on my Facebook page - but you'll need to be quick to enter as it ends today at 5pm GMT.  You can win a Jane Austen festive tote bag and there will also be some surprise mini Austen gifts included too!


    Giveaway Alert

    Another Miss Bohemia giveaway is being hosted over at Laughing with Lizzie to win a Jane Austen door plaque and a 'Pemberley' mirror!  Sophie has also kindly reviewed both of these items which she purchased from Miss Bohemia recently - many thanks!

    New Jane Austen and Regency Inspired Christmas Cards

    I have a new set of 5 charming Jane Austen and Regency inspired Christmas cards available which are perfect for sending to friends and loved ones - especially Janeites!  There are four Regency inspired cards and a Jane Austen card which reads  "I sincerely hope your Christmas may abound in the gaieties which that season generally brings." based on a quote from Pride and Prejudice.  The quote was perfect for this card and was a great suggestion from Sophie of Laughing With Lizzie.  The small cards are left blank on the inside for your own personal greetings and messages and are available from my website here and my Etsy shop here.


    Phantom Of The Opera Necklace Giveaway Winner announced

    Congratulations to Artemis G. - you are the winner of the Phantom necklace :-) Thank you to everyone who entered and shared this giveaway!

    Christmas fun

    Make sure you're following my Facebook page and are signed up to my newsletter, as I will be hosting more giveaways throughout December and have more festive fun planned for this month too!

    As always - thanks for stopping by! 

    Until next time....

    Jen - Miss bohemia

  4. Christmas At Miss Bohemia

    Spreading some Christmas sparkle over at Miss Bohemia today :-) Firstly, there's my new Christmas catalogue full of gift ideas and the introduction of 2 new Christmas designs that are Jane Austen inspired and those important last posting dates for Christmas!  

    So grab a cup of your favourite beverage while you browse through my new glossy magazine :-)

    There are some great gift ideas for presents and stocking fillers including these Jane Austen festive tote and mug, both complete with reindeer and snowflakes!


    To view the this collection and more, stop by!


    Royal Mail has released their last posting dates which are listed below.  As an advisory note I would suggest all UK orders are received by the 8th December and for outside the UK, orders should be received by the 1st December or earlier.

    ♥ Have fun browsing ♥

    Thanks for stopping by! 

    Jen - Miss Bohemia

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